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Come for the Fjords...Stay for the Moral Chaos

26 November 1980
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Feel free to follow me - I'm @pollyprissypant!

Me in a Nutshell

New media guru...fangirl extraordinaire. The fangirl piece came first (and has remained foremost), but the new media stuff follows close behind. I've managed to turn my online hobbies (blogging, Photoshop) into a full time gig and spend my days working in the Digital Media dept. of one of Canada's TV corps...working on web content, video and blogs. So I'm online less then I used to be (in unofficial capacities) but being a fangirl and sharing/chatting with all of the talented interesting people that inhabit all those different fandoms is what keeps me coming back. Fans...we rock...and I love that LJ brings us together. So you'll see me obsessing over Buffy, Angel, True Blood, Mad Men, Veronica Mars and various other entertainment-related randoms...and hopefully you'll join in the craziness, cause that's what it's all about.

Thanks and Gratitude:

Some brushes, textures and stock images used in making my very own nifty icons are from awmp, ohpaintbrush, detoxcocktails, crumblingwalls, isabellecs, inxsomniax, indilime, callmefreak, disappearicons and icons_with_love. They make some really gorgeous stuff - pop over and take a look! I know I should really put all of that into a resource post...and I'll get around to it...eventually...

Current layout: By the fantastic fruitstyle!

One of the reasons I wandered on into the LJ world was to meet some interesting new people - so if you want to friend me, go right ahead - no need to ask first :)